Annual workshop schedule

It all starts with planning your year and looking ahead when it’s time to give yourself the time to rest, recharge and develop. We have compiled for you all our annual activities on one page, where you can be continuously updated on the various workshops and retreats that take place throughout the year, in Israel and Greece, and plan your workshops with us . The calendar is arranged according to the dates of the upcoming workshops. We would love for you to join us

Passover eve event
Moa Oasis, Israel

April 22th-24th, monday-wednesday

As is tradition for the past years, we return to Moa Oasis in order to celebrate the beginning of Passover with a Passover dinner ceremony. Extended families and all generations are welcome to enjoy the weekend in Moa with a purely vegetarian/vegan luxury Passover dinner, made by a team of select plant-based chefs who have designed a wide selection of beloved traditional dishes with a vegan twist.
The selection will be as unique as it is luxurious, and will include stylized tables and full service. The event will include intergenerational workshops, hiking and a full desert experience.

Come enjoy a family holiday with us in Moa Oasis, one of the most scenic locations Israel has to offer, specializing in retreats and workshops.

Silence reatret
Neot Smadar

With Steven Fulder & Simi Levi

May 8th-11th, Wen-Sat

A retreat is an opportunity to return to ourselves, fully engage in our lives and develop clarity of mind and qualities of the heart. We will spend the days remembering our deep nature with soft presence and gentleness, we will explore our basic freedom.

We will deepen the possibility in practice to move from guilt, shame, anger and fear. Softness, trust, closeness and stability. We will meet the totality of experiences with clarity and trust out of tenderness and compassion. The retreat will give place to the two wings of the Buddhist practice – wisdom and compassion.

Feminine Yoga & Ayurveda in the Island of Evia, Greece

With Mira Artzi Padan and Lital Simon

9-14.7.24 Tuesday to Sunday

As part of our annual series of workshops with Mira Artzi Padan, we are proud to present a new in-depth and unique women’s workshop, intended for yoga practitioners (of all methods), yoga teachers, holistic therapists and therapeutic women who want to deepen their knowledge and pass it on. In the workshop we will learn about the secrets of the body and mind during the second spring in our lives – menopause. In practice and conversations with Mira Artzi Padan on our bodies through feminine yoga, and in Ayurvedic nutrition in lectures and conversations with Lital Simon, in the workshop we will have precise Ayurvedic food prepared by chef Avital Sabag, especially for us. Come learn to move with the changes, reduce and balance symptoms and turn drama into dharma.

Women’s Workshop – Greece

September 24th-29th, Thursday to Saturday

On these holy days of introspection and Atonement, we invite you to come be together in one of Greece’s most spectacular locations: The Peloponnese Mani region, surrounded by Mother Nature in all her might.

This unique six-day workshop will be led and facilitated by two renowned and experienced instructors: Mira Arzi Padan – who will share her wide and profound knowledge on Female Yoga, and Sagit Emet – who will teach us how to harvest the power of creative writing in order to access our innermost strengths. We will practice Female Yoga, meet ourselves in writing, shed any unnecessary layers, and invite what we want for a good and beneficial New Year.