Business development

About me

With over 15 years of experience as an independent visionary developing projects for both myself and others, and using the vast knowledge and insight I’ve gained throughout my professional life, I specialize in coaching and consultancy in both the workshop and tourism fields, assisting instructors and career people alike in turning vision to reality.


I specialize in the development, planning and establishment of tourism and workshop related projects, specifically those designed to cater to social/environmental causes. and Slow tourism. The development of the project begins around a year or two before debuting, by determining the project’s essence, selecting the tools that are to bring it to life and coaching in both the planning and design of the site according to the client’s specific needs.

Who is the development aimed for?

make it happend

Developing businesses

  • Both large scale and small projects visions
  • Consulting and initial thought process – concept and feasibility 
  • Designing a business plan according to personal vision. 
  • Defining business models and management processes. 
  • Designing marketing models, branding and course of action.

Existing Businesses

  • Mapping and supervision over service, management and operation. 
  • Optimizing and saving by means of budget flow and management supervision
  • Solving commonly substantial business issues.
  • Business development and consultancy and forward thinking leveraging.