Ida Cecula – Personal coaching,
practical and professional

Being & doing

Periods of personal change and the desire to adapt to professional life; how to intermix creativity with productivity and money. A desire to change, career opportunities, a vision consuming you and the desire to bring it to fruition. If you relate to any of those descriptions, I can help you create your new practical and professional, adapting it to your lifestyle and personality.

My aspiration is to help others combine the ‘being’ and ‘doing’ of their lives. With professional coaching I aspire to give you the tools, support and direction needed in order to redefine your vision, organize your agenda according to your newfound needs and have you work on yourselves in a way that will motivate and advance you to your goals. The process includes 8-10 meetings, tailor made according to your needs and speed, and focused consults.

Having started my journey as an independent business woman from a very young age, I’ve walked down a long, winding path where I was exposed to a variety of instructors, methods, disciplines, workshops and books, all of which taught me how to adapt my career to deep, personal changes taking place within me. I would be delighted to be of service to you, Ida.

Who could benefit from coaching?

Make a change

During the process we work on the bond between ‘being’ and ‘doing’, on our presence and ability to listen to ourselves in the here and now, as well as our ability to let go and accept change. Using tools from the world of mindfulness and spirituality – broad mindedness, process analysis and a vast understanding of professional development – to connect with our personal potential, desires and aspirations allows us to expose ourselves to new possibilities and a clearer, more accurate view of the future. Succeeding in this process will push us to optimize our range and allow ourselves change and rejuvenation in our careers, business ventures and personal lives. 

Freelancers and career people

who want to make a professional change and/or adapt and tune their career to their current way of life.

Independent business owners

in need of personal or career coaching in opening a business, developing a new or existing business or, if needed, closing down a business.

People going through changes and development

who want to optimize their potential, materialize their dream or vision through deep contemplation of both professional and personal matters.

Artists and creatives

who need support in handling all things material, in order to generate income and develop their art and life while setting achievable personal and professional goals.

Postpartum women

who want to restart their career/business after birth and combine motherhood and personal/professional growth.

Serial entrepreneurs

who want to define their priorities and multiannual work plans according to their capabilities, time and budget.

Young men and women in the beginning of their professional journey

who want to find, examine and perfect their abilities and potential, while learning tools to empower themselves and choose the best personal and professional direction for them.

People facing a crossroad

who are interested in reorganizing their lives and making new decisions while opening themselves up to new possibilities and creating freely in the structured and demanding life frames we live in.