Silent Vipassana retreat

4- 5-day retreat in the desert

Vipassana meditation is the practice of direct and non judgmental observing of our mind and body’s processes. By practicing vipassana (mindfulness), we learn to observe ourselves and the world with “bare insight”; setting all judgment aside, approaching the world wisely. This observance has the potential to heal past wounds and bring us release. The study and practice of vipassana meditation allows qualities such as focus, mindfulness and compassion to become more available to us in every moment of our lives. Through unprejudiced observation and the practice of “the present moment”, our consciousness finds ease and we learn how to handle the pain, disappointment and struggles that come with life. With an open heart and a peaceful mind, we learn how to carry ourselves with more ease. Buddhist practice and studies aim to fully release both heart and mind of human discomfort, and awaken harmony, tranquility, wisdom and love in us and our surroundings. The retreat takes place in complete silence, and includes the study and practice of vipassana while sitting, standing, walking and lying down. Lectures on Buddhist spirituality and small-group meetings are offered as well.

Dr. Keren Arbel is a longtime practitioner who lives and studies the Buddhist way of life since 1997. With a PhD in Buddhist Studies, she instructs various study groups in various locations and authored the book, “The Words of Buddha ”.

Maty Lieblich studies and practices mindfulness and Buddhism for over 30 years. She has developed and instructed practical and theoretical mindfulness training programs, and is both the writer and editor of the best-selling “Mindfulness – Here & Now” and “Paths of Mindfulness”.

the Darma teaching is held in hebrew.

Retreat dates 2024/5

The workshop

Silent Retreat

Sandia bar kama & Odelia peri
November 20th-23rd 2024

Silent Retreat

Keren Arbel & Maty Lieblich
Murch 25th-29th 2025

Silent Retreat

Steven Fulder & Simi Levi
May 8th-11th 2024