Women’s Workshop – Greece

2024 – six days retreat

“Feminine Yoga and Writer’s Workshop” with Mira Padan Arzi and Sagit Emet.

This year we are proud to host our first workshop retreat in one of Greece’s most spectacular locations: The Peloponnese Mani region. This intimate feminine yoga & women’s writer workshop will take place in Zen Rocks – which is situated on a scenic hillside, in the middle of an ancient olive grove. All 20 participants will be encouraged to take full advantage of Zen Rock’s wonderful facilities (including the ocean-view yoga deck), and enjoy this chance to rest, learn and explore; both in body and soul.

This unique workshop will be led and facilitated by two experienced instructors: Mira Arzi Padan – who will share her deep and profound knowledge on feminine Yoga, and Sagit Emet – who will teach us how to harvest the power of creative writing in order to access our innermost strengths.

the workshop will be held in Hebrew and there will be a woman traselater to English . (by special small ear phone) ,the translation will be open with minimum 3 English speaking guests.

Rosh Hashana in Judaism is a time for processing and reflecting, on past and future alike. The New year is a window of opportunity to shed any redundant layers, give thanks for our good fortunes, articulate our innermost wishes and dare to communicate our wildest dreams.

Safe surroundings only a feminine environment can achieve, where nature takes the center stage. Suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds, this workshop does not require any prior yoga or writing experience. If you’re a curious woman ready to participate in a uniquely feminine experience – join us!

Let’s start with inclusive space that can only be achieved in a feminine environment – a space where nature takes the center stage. Just let go of any scheduling, planning and responsibilities; our team will take care of everything.

Workshop schedule 2024

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