Taking care of the therapist

A unique retreat for release, healing and growth for men and women of care in Greece.

With Ruth Ben-Asher and Sandia Bar-Kama

This retreat is a unique personal and professional journey, for processing, release and healing in a space of freedom and nature. with two senior teachers, experienced in training therapists with diverse tools for recovery and healing.

We invite you to take time for yourself, and travel with us for a week to Greece, to a private estate in a pastoral village surrounded by nature, to take a distance from everything that is happening in our country and to open up to a space, external and internal, of observation, relaxation and nourishment, and a gathering where we will process, alone and together, the pain, sadness, and trauma we experienced last year..

The workshop is suitable for women and men aged 30 and over, for professionals from the therapeutic field such as: psychologists, psychiatrists, mind-body therapists of all approaches, social workers and art therapists.

About the Workshop

The retreat is a process journey that seeks to provide tools of observation, stability, regulation, strengthening, nourishment and resilience. The retreat is designed for up to 28 participants.

The retreat will take place one year after the outbreak of the war that dropped the ground from under our feet. It’s visible and often hidden wounds touch each and every one of us and constitute a personal, family, community, national and collective trauma. The record of traumatic events is preserved in the entire organism (body-mind-consciousness-spirit), and if not processed, may create physical and mental symptoms.

In addition to the events recorded in us – the therapeutic work entails the possibility of carrying our patients home within us, both consciously and unconsciously and may charge us a price of secondary traumatization. In the retreat, space for breathing and movement will be opened, and we will allow the expression of pent-up stormy emotions and cultivate ways to release the burdensome and unnecessary residues in a process that invites possibilities for transformation and renewal, and for experiencing liveliness and meaning.

The better we take care of ourselves, and find peace and freedom in the midst of things, the more we will maintain our well being and be in a more empathetic, compassionate and effective position for our patients as well.

The ways of working in which Ruth works and the courses she teaches can be found on the website of the body-mind center in Ramat Hasharon – click here, Ruth’s trainings on trauma given after 7/10/23 can be heard on the “Body Remembers Recovery” podcast on Spotify.

At the retreat we will have times of silence and benevolent introspection of what is happening in our mind and body: the stormy emotions that plague us and the thoughts that rule us – to strengthen the internal resources available to us at this time. The guided meditations offer a connection to inner forces, a deep grounding, and finding peace and freedom within things as they are.

The retreat will combine many personal, interpersonal and group meetings and will include soft, attentive and sensitive work of breathing, movement, touch and voice, guided sitting meditations, walking in nature and times of silence.

Every day there will be several hours of leisure and rest and the possibility of optional activities will be given to those interested, such as: trips to the sea, hiking in the mountains, trips to beautiful places and even hot water and the possibility of workshops with locals on various topics. (Some activities are at an additional low price for the trip or activity).


The teachers

Senior clinical psychologist, instructor in psychotherapy and couple and family therapy. Certified trauma therapist using Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, TRE methods. Integrative water therapist specializing in the treatment of prenatal and birth traumas. In her work, she combines tools from the IFS, AEDP and Da’at Lev approaches (therapy based on the teachings of Martin Buber). Teaches courses for therapists, who deal with body-centered therapy, connection and mindfulness in trauma. Her life and work are a fabric that weaves the worlds of mind, body and spirit, based on decades of experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Buddhism, work with the body, work in water and work with trauma in combination with neuroscience and attachment studies, Hebrew shamanism and work with nature. For over twenty years, a practice called MOVEMENT MEDICINE An integrative combination of movement, psychotherapeutic wisdom, shamanism and neuroscience, which invites development and growth towards the role our soul came to fulfill in the world.

To Ruth ben asher website

One of the senior teachers in Israel for mindfulness, Buddhism and freedom. Practicing and teaching for 25 years, a teacher at the ‘Tovana’ association, at the ‘Center for Mind-Body Studies’ and other settings. She lived a celibate life for 7 years and practiced in an ashram for yoga and meditation in the United States. Teaches therapists courses of tools from CBT, mindfulness-based therapy and tools from schema-therapy, Gestalt and rapport communication. Sandia practiced for long periods in the USA, Europe and the East. Emphasizes the connection between the practice and everyday life, the investigation of the authentic personal experience and the possibility of living an awake life in every moment. Believes that we all have the ability to love, to be compassionate, to be generous and to wake up.

To Sandia bar kama website

Getting to the workshop

The recommended airline for this period is El Al – We highly recommend taking El Al’s new “Protect” insurance, which costs 20 euros, in case of cancellation up to 24 hours before the flight, you can use or transfer the name of the card for a year. Or travel only with a trolley with cancellation or change fees. It is recommended to order the flight ticket as early as possible because of the holidays. The shuttle to the workshop will leave on 14.10 at approximately 11:30 from the airport (according to the flights). It is possible to choose other flights before or after the workshop and even sleep in Athens. It is recommended to stay at the Selina Athens hotel which is not expensive and in an excellent location. The shuttle to the workshop will also go to the hotel for pickup before and after the workshop for your convenience. Before the workshop, a list of rides will be issued to Ben Gurion, in order to carpool in the trip to the airport and leave the vehicle in the long-term parking lot with a pick-up service and bring the vehicle to you at the terminal and share with other participants joining the workshop. Later, before the workshop, we will help with coordination.

The most recommended flights: El Al company on the flight on 14.10 at 7:00 am, another option is to fly the day before to Athens there is another flight, enjoy Athens and arrive with the shuttle to the workshop from Athens or the airport.

The shuttle will return to the airport on 20.10 at 17:00 and continue to a stop in downtown Athens, for the convenience of those staying another night or those who want to tour Athens before their flight in the evening. The El Al flight leaves at 20:30 and 22:30 to Tel Aviv, there is also the option of staying the night in Athens and taking the one-day flight the next day.

For the participants who are already abroad, we will have a personal conversation and together we will think about coordinating flights suitable for the departure and arrival times of the transportation from the workshop.

There is an option for a private taxi to Evia to the workshop every hour at a price of 150 euros. (pre-order with the production).

About the production

Our production is professional, precise, personal and done with an open heart. The production will take care of everything for you – without your need to plan, think or take responsibility for someone else, so that you can give yourself time to rest, enjoy and let go. The workshop is designed for up to 28 participants. If you are interested in checking whether the workshop is suitable for you and find out more details, please click to contact us

What does the workshop include?

  • Six nights at “Candili Estate” in the type of accommodation you choose.
  • Vegetarian meals for all days with the chefs of Candili Estate.
  • A teaching framework that includes study, guidance and support of the retreat teachers.
  • Transportation from the airport or from Athens and back.
  • Organization and production of an orderly menu of leisure activities. (Some activities involve an additional payment of 10-30 euros).
  • A meticulous and precise production that will accompany you in everything and the full presence of the production team at the retreat.
  • The price of the workshop does not include plane tickets
  • An invoice will be issued for a professional training workshop or other request.

    Possibility to pay for training as needed.


The Candili estate is located in the Seraus river valley, between the Candili and Pixaria mountains, in the north of Evia, at the edge of the pastoral village of Prokopi, a few minutes walk from the center of the village. The estate was established in 1832 and served as a cultural center for writers, painters and intellectuals, the 10,000 dunam estate is an area of ​​spectacular natural beauty: mountains and hills forested with milk pine and oak, rivers bordered by dolav trees, olive groves and fertile valleys where corn and cotton grow. The trip to the sea takes fifteen minutes. The estate will be private just for us, with an ancient wooden activity hall in a special atmosphere and in the evening we will light the fireplace for our enjoyment in the studio, the stay at the estate will be accompanied by the estate staff who will cook us delicious vegetarian food and take care of all our needs. We will eat in a lovely dining room with the option of sitting outside in the garden. The estate has public guest rooms that will benefit everyone: a library room, living rooms, dining rooms and shared kitchens with sitting areas. Around the buildings there are well-kept gardens with quiet seating areas for solitude and connecting with nature. Within walking distance we are in the forest and exciting nature and mountain air clear as wine. The adjacent village of Prokopi is a Christian tourist attraction, with a large church, taverns, cafes, bakeries, small local shops where the people of the village sell their produce and a pleasant rural atmosphere.

Accommodation types at “Candili Estate”

Accommodation prices include accommodation for 6 nights, meals, teaching and guidance, production and transportation from the airport to the workshop and back.

Guest room for 3 participants:

Large, spacious and beautiful guest rooms with 3 separate beds, shower, toilet and heating.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 7200

Guest room for 2 participants

Large, spacious and beautiful guest rooms with a common living room and with 2 single beds and a shower and toilet in the room.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 7,800

Guest room for 2 participants

Large rooms with 2 separate beds with shared shower and toilet. (beds are far from each other)

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 6,200

Private room (limited number)

Private rooms with shower and shared toilets.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 7,900

A room for two participants

Simple and charming rooms with 2 single beds, toilet and shower in the room. (beds are far from each other)

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 6,900

Pictures for inspiration

Register for the workshop further down the page

Payment and registration terms

To register for the workshop, click on the registration form and fill it out. If there are comments or questions please write in the form, after receiving the form we will call you back to talk. After registering for the workshop, you will be sent an email with a payment link with the option of 4 interest-free payments. Your place will be reserved until payment according to the registration status.

Cancelation policy

Up to a month before the workshop, the registration fee is charged for NIS 350, and a credit for the workshop of NIS 100.

Between one month and two weeks before the workshop, the registration fee and an advance payment, in the amount of 1000 NIS.

Between two weeks and Four days before the workshop payment of 50 percent of the amount for the workshop.

Cancellation between four days until the day of the workshop – full price of the workshop.

There is a possibility of finding a participant in your place at any time (responsibility of the canceller). If the production finds a participant in your place, your money will be returned less a registration fee of NIS 500 or a credit for another workshop later in the year.

In the event of a family disaster, a full refund minus a registration fee of NIS 300 or partial (depending on the case and the situation of the workshop) until the date of the retreat. (For production considerations)

In case of cancellation due to the security situation in Israel, a full refund minus 200 NIS registration fees and production expenses.

Workshop Registration Form

Retreat for therapists in Greece

October 14-20, 2024

Please fill out the form and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. please fill out the forms separately. Thank you.