Iyengar yoga

A retreat in nature is always an opportunity to create a space of peace, focus and motivation. The event will consist of three days of intensive yoga practice, and is suitable for beginners and advanced. Workshops will take place in three separate groups and three separate halls: instructed by Gabi Doron and a team of instructors from the Neve Zedek Iyengar Yoga Center, Noga – directed by Gabi. The workshop is enriched with added content, and is accompanied by a professional and welcoming staff. Meals will consist of gourmet vegetarian dishes, along with vegan options.

The Neve Zedek Iyengar Yoga Center, Noga – owned and directed by Gabi Doron: founded in 1995 by Doron, an Iyengar expert (senior 1), coordinator and instructor course teacher. The Iyengar Center, Noga has been given the blessing of none other than BKS Iyengar – inventor of the method. Gabi and another teacher from the center will co-instruct the advanced level workshop. All center teachers have gone through extensive training and regularly fly out to further educate themselves in the Pune Institute and other programs around the world. Gabi Doron specializes in therapeutic yoga and tunes in to each student’s personal needs. She’s known for her warm yet uncompromising teaching techniques.

the workshop is held in hebrew please let us know if you will need a translation

Workshop dates 2022

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