Women’s Workshop – Greece

September 2023

On these holy days of introspection and Atonement, we invite you to come be together in one of Greece’s most spectacular locations: The Peloponnese Mani region, surrounded by Mother Nature in all her might.

This unique six-day workshop will be led and facilitated by two renowned and experienced instructors: Mira Arzi Padan – who will share her wide and profound knowledge on Female Yoga, and Sagit Emet – who will teach us how to harvest the power of creative writing in order to access our innermost strengths. We will practice Female Yoga, meet ourselves in writing, shed any unnecessary layers, and invite what we want for a good and beneficial New Year.

We invite you to treat yourself to a getaway vacation filled with rest, nature and in-depth workshops that will help you start the New Year with a clear mind, and a healthy body and soul.

You deserve it! So let go; our team will take care of everything.

The Zen Rocks center is located in the middle of an ancient olive grove, surrounded by nature. Made of unique Mani region stone, the hotel is designed in the minimalistic, clean-cut fashion that only Zen design can offer. It is located a 2.5-hour drive from Athens, 20 min from Kalamata city -and around 10 mins from the beach.


The teachers

Developer of the ‘Feminine Yoga’ method, which she has been teaching for over two decades and has trained hundreds of instructors and yoga teachers, mira has been the chairperson of the Yoga Teachers Association’s ethics committee since 2018. Her unique method adapts traditional yoga positions to the needs of the female body, focusing on routines tailored to address the many transformations and cycles women experiences throughout their lives – such as menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. Mira exceptional method also addresses common physical issues women may face: pelvic dysfunctions, fertility issues, menopause symptoms and more. To Mira Arzi Padan website

I am honored and thrilled at the opportunity to share the language and wisdom of feminine yoga with you. By combining movement and the teachings of my friend and partner, Sagit – we will be able to observe the passing year and prepare ourselves for the coming one. Let us shed any tensions or conflicts the pasted year has left us with, and focus on the sensations, thoughts and emotions that will motivate the next chapter of our lives.

An award-winning author and playwright (the Levi Eshkol 2021 prize for ‘Days to See’, as well as both the Ze’ev and Leah Goldberg prizes for ‘Gaya’s Dawn’), Sagit has been a writing workshop facilitator and mentor for over two decades. Sagit describes the writing of her first book as a healing experience, which has taught her just how important the role of a mentor is to writers and led her to mentor hundreds of writers since. To Sagit Emet website

In the five days we will spend writing alongside each other in this retreat, we will learn how to communicate in two separate languages: the spoken and the written one. I have long since learned that this combination is a powerful and effective one, offering those who practice it both healing and enrichment. Our main goal is to create an inspiring safe space, where every woman is encouraged to reach her full potential – starting the new year on a lighter, happier and more fulfilled note.

Additional details

Workshop meal plan

The Zen Rocks chef’s kitchen will be taken over by the workshop’s exclusive caterer, a local Greek “mama” who will serve the participants Greek and middle eastern vegetarian and vegan delicacies, made from local produce. The meal plan will include two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) – while a variety of healthy snacks and beverages will be made available to participants throughout the day. Yom Kippur’s pre-fast meal will be served

What does the workshop include? 

  • A five-night stay at Zen Rocks, in a room of your choice.
  • Shuttle service from the airport/Athens and back
  • Workshops (five hours a day)
  • Two daily meals + Yom Kippur pre-fast meal
  • two daytrips with a extra pay
  • high-end workshop production.

Workshop prices do NOT include airfare.


The Peloponnese is a breathtaking scenic peninsula, boasting multiple one-of-a-kind sites. On three of the five days of the retreat, a car or minibus will be made available to transport any interested participant to three select sites. Participants will spend a few hours enjoying the local sites, before being transported back to Zen Rocks. PLEASE NOTE: a 25 EU transportation fee will be charged for each trip.

Zen rocks boarding options

Twin Room:

The room is made of the local bricks and includes air conditioning, private bathroom facilities and twin beds/a double bed.

Price per woman for the entire payment in advance sale until July 1st: NIS 7,600 after that an additional NIS 300

Private room:

Adjacent to the yoga deck. Includes private bathroom facilities and a double bed.
Price per woman for the entire stay in advance payment until July 1st: euro 2,300 after that an additional 100 euro

Triple room:

Quality boarding in a stone house. includes private bathroom facilities, kitchenette, balcony and three large single beds.

Price per woman for the entire stay in advance payment until 1.7 1800 euro after that an addition of 100 euro

A tiny house

A private room house built of stone, with a bed and a breathtaking sea view with attached toilet and shower.

Price per woman for the entire stay: euro 2,100

Four person tent

A cool and large shared tent for 4 women, with mattresses and bedding and a balcony overlooking the sea, with attached toilets and showers.

Price per woman for the entire stay: 1000 euro

Previous workshops

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Payment and registration terms

To sign up for the workshop, please fill out the following registration form. Please feel free to add any further inquiries you may have at the bottom of the form, and we will contact you by email. A secured payment link will be sent to your email address upon registration (up to 4 installments without interest). Reservations will be finalized upon payment. Please fill out the following form, and a representative will contact you by mail or phone to offer further details and complete the payment. Payment can be made in up to 6 installments without interest. Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon payment.

Cancelation policy

1000 NIS cancellation fee for 1 momth up to 2 weeks before start day workshop
70% cancellation fee in 2 week – 7days before start day workshop
Full payment in cancellations 7 days or less before start day workshop – participants are welcome to provide substitute guests instead of them.

Workshop Registration Form

Women’s Workshop – Greece

September 21nd-26th, Thu-Tue

Please fill out the form and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. please fill out the forms separately. Thank you.