Women’s yoga and writing retreat

A boutique workshop for female yoga and writing – on the island of Avia in Greece. No yoga or writing experience is necessary to participate in the workshop. A multi-age workshop that is an extraordinary female and human experience.

Come on vacation in a different way! in the company of women and with high content. After two excellent workshops in recent years in Greece, we are proud to present the date for the workshop for 2024. Join us for our retreat, six days of connection to body and soul, of liberation and flexibility, of internal and external movement through female yoga and writing, accompanied and guided by two known and experienced teachers.

A quality vacation and workshop that combines an in-depth process during which we will dive into the world of female yoga with Mira Artzi Padan, and learn with Sagit Emet about the power of writing to the most hidden places in our lives.

Treat yourself – you deserve it!!!

The workshop is suitable for:

-women with or without experience in yoga or writing.

-women who want to take a break and go on a meaningful vacation.

-women who want to do and experience female yoga, for women who want to learn to express themselves in writing and learn writing and expression techniques.

-women who want to be in the company of women, to rest, with love and attention to their needs.

-women who wish to rest from the intense period and give themselves time to develop.

About the Workshop

In this period of war, pain and bereavement, staying in the company of women in another country is healing and liberation for the mind and body. We will stay together in a private mansion in a small village on Avia Island. We will practice female yoga, we will meet ourselves in writing. We will express what is on our hearts and souls and invite us a period of inner peace, good and beneficial to ourselves in order to be strong to face the future. Our production will take care of everything for you – without your need to plan, think or take responsibility for someone else. The mansion, which will be private for us, has a private pool and is located a five-minute drive from the sea, so that we will be able to travel to a lovely beach every day.

For questions and a personal phone conversation with Ida, please write us a WhatsApp at 0507900460

This workshop can be approved for an approved continuing education course for you as needed


The teachers

Developer of the ‘Feminine Yoga’ method, which she has been teaching for over two decades and has trained hundreds of instructors and yoga teachers. Mira has been the chairperson of the Yoga Teachers Association’s ethics committee since 2018. Her unique method adapts traditional yoga positions to the needs of the female body, focusing on routines tailored to address the many transformations and cycles women experiences throughout their lives – such as menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. Mira exceptional method also addresses common physical issues women may face: pelvic dysfunctions, fertility issues, menopause symptoms and more. To Mira Arzi Padan website

An award-winning author and playwright (the Levi Eshkol 2021 prize for ‘Days to See’, as well as both the Ze’ev and Leah Goldberg prizes for ‘Gaya’s Dawn’), Sagit has been a writing workshop facilitator and mentor for over two decades. Sagit describes the writing of her first book as a healing experience, which has taught her just how important the role of a mentor is to writers and led her to mentor hundreds of writers since. To Sagit Emet website

Arriving to the workshop

The recommended airline for this period is El Al – it is recommended to take El Al’s new flight insurance “Protect” which costs 20 euros. In case of cancellation up to 24 hours before the flight, the card name can be used or transferred for a year and a half for details. It is recommended to order the flight ticket as early as possible. The shuttle to the workshop will leave on September 24 at approximately 11:30 from the airport (according to the flight times). There is the option of choosing other flights before or after the workshop and even sleeping in Athens. It is recommended to stay at the Selina Athens hotel which is not expensive and in an excellent location, for details click here, the shuttle to the workshop will also go to the hotel for pickup before and after the workshop for your convenience.

It is recommended to leave the car in the long-term parking lot with a service to pick up and bring the car to you at the terminal and share it with other participants joining the workshop. Later, before the workshop, we will help with coordination.

The most recommended flights: El Al company on the flight on 9/24 at 7:00 am. Another possibility is to fly to Athens the day before there is an El Al flight on 23.9 at 18:30 and arrive with the shuttle to the workshop from Athens or the airport.

The shuttle will return to the airport on September 29 at 4:00 p.m. and will continue to a stop in downtown Athens, for conveniences that are staying another night or for those who want to tour Athens before their flight in the evening. The El Al flight leaves at 22:45 for Tel Aviv, there is also the option of spending the night in Athens and taking the El Al flight the day after on September 30 at 10:15 in the morning.

For the participants who are or live abroad, we will have a personal conversation and coordinate together the appropriate flights for the departure and arrival times of the transportation from the workshop.

It is possible to arrive by private taxi to Avia to the workshop every hour at a price of 150 euros. (pre-closing with the production)

For your convenience, a travel agent accompanies the participants.

Her name is Yael, write her a WhatsApp and she will get back to you: 0543144441

The participants will receive a list of rides to the airport, it is possible to share parking at the airport (long-term parking and a private shuttle) and share the costs together. Click here for details about the parking lot

About the production

Our production is professional, precise, personal and done with an open heart. The production will take care of everything for you – without your need to plan, think or take responsibility for someone else, so that you can give yourself time to rest, enjoy and wait. The workshop is intended for up to 26 women only. The retreat has 30 hours of practice and study throughout the days. There is a page with the appropriate flights for the workshop and the phone number of an agent who is with us on the workshop. If you want to check if the workshop is suitable for you and find out more details, please click on the contact button

What does the workshop include?

  • Five nights at “Villa Aberof” in the room type of your choice.

    Transportation from the field or from Athens and back.

    The workshop will have about 30 hours with the teachers, including female yoga practice with Mira and writing workshops with Sagit.

    Meals for all the retreat.

    Organization of lunchtime trips to the sea in a shared taxi (separate payment of approximately 10 euros for a round trip to the sea)

    A meticulous and precise production that will accompany you in everything.

    The price of the workshop does not include plane tickets

    An invoice will be issued for a professional training workshop.

    Every day in the workshop there will be free time at noon for a few hours, you are invited to rest, enjoy the pool and go to the sea (5 minutes drive). Take a walk in the village, in nature and in the area.

Villa Averof

The special and charming Villa Avroff is on the island of Avia, which is the second largest island in Greece and the closest to Athens (two and a half hours by minibus). The estate of the Abroff family was built in 1833 next to a small village from the days when the island was liberated from the Ottoman occupation. Today the estate is managed by the descendants of the Aberoff family and has preserved its original character, it includes two historic houses from 1935 that have been fully renovated, charming gardens all around that expand and are surrounded by terraces and offer hidden places where you can enjoy peaceful moments of silence and privacy, a beautiful yoga hall that was in the old days the barn of the estate , a welcoming swimming pool and a charming stream a few minutes’ walk inside the family area.

We will enjoyed the estate together for a few days as if it were our own home in complete privacy.

Accommodation types at “Villa Averof”

Accommodation prices include accommodation for 5 nights, workshop lessons, production, meals for the entire stay and transportation from the airport to the workshop and back at the end of the workshop. (invoice for a professional workshop) and the possibility of splitting 4 payments. Explanations and registration will be made after a personal telephone conversation. The price does not include a flight to Greece.

Pre-sale price until the 1.7 at a reduced price of NIS 300 per participant.

The pictures are examples only, each room is a different size and looks a little different

Guest room for 2 women

Guest room for 2 women:

In classic historical houses the guest rooms are with 2 separate beds, shower, toilet and air conditioner. The house has a common living room and kitchenette.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 6,950

Pre-sale: until July 1, the price is NIS 6,650

Private room – limited to 3 rooms only

A classic historic house with a common living room will have several individual rooms with a double or single bed, shower and toilet in the room and air conditioning.

Price per participant for the entire stay: 8,400 NIS

Pre-sale: the price until the 1.7 NIS 8,100

Guest room for 3 women

In a classic historic house with a common living room with a shower, a bathroom with a balcony and three wide and comfortable beds. with a shared personal kitchen.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 6,500

Pre-sale: the price until the 1.7 6,100 NIS

Room for four women (one room only)

In a classic historic stone house there is one large room with an authentic wooden floor with 4 single beds, a toilet and a common shower for all.

Price per participant for the entire stay: NIS 6,100

Pre-sale: the price until the 1.7 5,700 NIS

Inspiration pictures for the workshop

Register for the workshop further down the page

Payment and registration terms

To register for the workshop, click on the registration form and fill it out. If you have comments or questions please write in the form. After receiving the form we will call you back to talk. After registering for the workshop, you will be sent an email with a payment link with the option of 4 interest-free payments. Your place will be reserved until payment according to the registration status.

This workshop can be approved for a continuing education course for you as needed.

Cancelation policy

During this period:

Cancellation up to a month before the workshop – a charge of the registration fee of 550 NIS, and a credit of 250 NIS for the workshop later in the year of IDC.

Cancellation between two weeks till four days before the workshop – charge the registration fee and an advance, in the amount of NIS 1000,

Cancellation four days before the workshop – payment of 50 percent of the amount for the workshop,

There is a possibility of finding a participant in your place at any time (responsibility of the one who cancels). If the production finds a participant in your place, your money will be returned less a registration fee of NIS 350 or a credit for another workshop later in the year.

In the event of a family disaster – a full refund minus registration fees of NIS 300 or partial (depending on the case and the situation of the workshop) until the date of the retreat. (For production considerations)

In case of cancellation due to the security situation in Israel, a full refund minus 200 NIS registration fees and production expenses.

Workshop Registration Form

Women’s yoga and writing retreat – Greece

September 24nd-29th

Please fill in the details and we will contact you by phone for a personal conversation and answer your questions and in accordance with the room inquiries and make the registration and payment.

Option to pay in 4 installments without interest, after payment the place will be reserved for you.

Each participant must fill out a separate registration form.

The prices for early registration are not on the form and will be given according to the closing date