Retreat in Candili for therapists

With Mira Arzi Padan and Lital Simon

After a wonderful and successful workshop last year, we are happy to submit the new date for the 2024 workshop.

In the workshop, we will delve into the whole subject of “the second spring in your life” – menopause, as well as the connection between the continuous stress and hormonal changes and periods of change in our lives. In the workshop we will learn to balance ourselves by deepening the practice of female yoga and the secrets of Ayurveda from the top teachers in their field. The estate will be private just for us with a large garden, pool and sea within a five minute drive from the villa.

In this in-depth and unique workshop, we will learn with Mira Artzi Padan, through practice and conversations, about the secrets of the female pelvis and the symptoms of the body during the second spring of your life. Together with Lital Simon we will learn about Ayurveda – ancient Indian medicine, with lectures and conversations. We will eat exact Ayurvedic food for the workshop, which will be cooked by chef Avital Sebag especially for us.

Who is the workshop suitable for:

For yoga practitioners (of all methods),

Yoga teachers are holistic therapists and therapeutic professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and pass it on. Curious women with a holistic approach to life, who are interested in a vacation and workshop who want to learn and deepen their knowledge of female yoga and Ayurveda.

About the Workshop

The reference to the second spring in our lives is often negative, scary and threatening, but we are here to say that it is worthwhile and possible to get many tools that will help us conduct ourselves correctly during this period and even improve the quality of our lives.

Even in such a challenging time full of worries and anxiety – it is important to mark stable anchors and allow hope.

In the workshop in Greece we will touch on all the changes from pre-transition to post-transition – a span of about 20 years and we will refer to the complex period we are still in the midst of. We will learn accessible and simple tools of regulation and stabilization that will allow the body and mind to get through these days with relative stability and resilience, thereby reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life.

We will understand the story of one of the most significant periods in our lives, we will discover what the body and consciousness tell us, we will discover together what I want for myself now, When the children are older and I have more time on my hands, and what qualities I want to cultivate in myself.

With Lital Simon we can connect and understand closely the process that the body goes through. We will get to know the types in Indian medicine. We will understand what nutrition is right for us in order to benefit our body and mind, we will be precise in the workshop: learn to move safely in this time of many changes, turn drama into dharma and how to change our lifestyle and habits.

We will explore in depth the changes that are taking place and give solutions to common problems that many of us experience.

At the workshop, Avital Sabag will cook for us delicious and precise Ayurvedic vegetarian food with a menu that you will prepare especially with Lital.


The teachers

Developer of the ‘Feminine Yoga’ method, which she has been teaching for over two decades and has trained hundreds of instructors and yoga teachers, mira has been the chairperson of the Yoga Teachers Association’s ethics committee since 2018. Her unique method adapts traditional yoga positions to the needs of the female body, focusing on routines tailored to address the many transformations and cycles women experiences throughout their lives – such as menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. Mira exceptional method also addresses common physical issues women may face: pelvic dysfunctions, fertility issues, menopause symptoms and more. To Mira Arzi Padan website

Lital Simon – senior Ayurveda therapist. Specialization in adjusting personal nutrition, autoimmune diseases, digestive system, hormonal system and the metabolic syndrome. She holds a diploma in Ayurveda from the University of Pune, India, clinical herbalist. A graduate of the Chinese and macrobiotic nutrition course, Eyal Springer. She teaches yoga teachers in courses at Wingate Ayurveda. The owner of the clinic – Pranavada in Tel Aviv. Owner of PranaVeda Ayurveda school in Jaffa.

Getting to the workshop

The earlier the flight ticket is entered, the price is relatively cheaper. The recommended airline for this period is El Al – it is recommended to take the new El Al “Protect” insurance for 20 euros, if there is a cancellation up to 24 hours before the flight, you can use or change the name of the ticket for one year. Click for details. The shuttle to the workshop will leave on 9/7/24 at approximately 11:30 from the airport. It is possible to take other flights before or after the workshop and to sleep in Athens, it is recommended to take Selina Athens . The shuttle to the workshop will pick up before and after the workshop in the hotel ,for your convenience.

The shuttle will return to the field on 14/7/24 at approximately 16:00 and will also stop at Selina Athens. For the convenience of staying another night or wanting to take a walk in Athens before the flight in the evening.

Possibility of a private taxi to Avia to the workshop every hour at a price of 150 euros. (pre-closing with the production)

For your convenience, a travel agent helps the participants, you should know that the price is higher than booking alone.

About the catering

Inthis unique workshop we will eat Ayurvedic food, alongside the study. In the workshop, we will eat precise Ayurvedic food suitable for our study, cooked for us by the amazing chef Avital Sebag, who is one of the leading chefs in Israel in the field of veganism, who will join us on the journey and will refine the Ayurvedic food with the needs of the workshop with Lital Simon. On the last day we enjoyed local Greek food at the nearby Taverna and dishes from the home brewery. The meals will be vegetarian with vegan dishes, the workshop will have two main meals morning and evening and a light cooked meal at noon and throughout the day fruits and vegetables and a coffee corner.

About the production

Our production is professional, precise, personal and done with an open heart. The production will take care of everything for you – without your need to plan, think or take responsibility for someone else, so that you can give yourself time to rest, enjoy and learn. The workshop is intended for up to 22 women only. in the workshop has 30 hours of practice and study throughout the days. There is a page with the appropriate flights for the workshop and the phone number of an agent who is with us helping with the workshop. If you want to check if the workshop is suitable for you and find out more details, please click on the contact button

What does the workshop include?

  • Five nights at “Villa Aberof” in the room type of your choice.
  • Transportation from the airport or from Athens and back. The shuttle will leave at 9.7 hour 11:30 approximately from the airport in Athens. and return on 14.7 to the airport 16:00
  • Each workshop will have about 30 hours with the teachers including practice, lectures and study.
  • meals for all days.
  • Organization of lunchtime trips to the sea in shared taxis (payment separately of 10 euros round trip)
  • A meticulous and accurate production that will help you in everything.
  • The price of the workshop does not include plane tickets
  • An invoice will be issued for a professional training workshop.
  • Every day in the workshop there will be free time at noon for a few hours, you are invited to rest, go to the sea (5 minutes drive). Take a walk in the village, in nature and in the area.

Villa Averof

The special and charming Villa Avroff is on the island of Avia, which is the second largest island in Greece and the closest to Athens (two and a half hours by minibus). The estate of the Abroff family was built in 1833 next to a small village dating back to the days when the island was freed from the Ottoman occupation. Today the estate is managed by the descendants of the Aberoff family and has preserved its original character, it includes two historic houses from 1935 that have been fully renovated, charming gardens all around that expand and are surrounded by terraces and offer hidden places where you can enjoy peaceful moments of silence and privacy, a beautiful yoga hall that was in the old days the barn of the estate ,

A welcoming swimming pool and a lovely stream a few minutes’ walk inside the family area… we will enjoy the estate together for a few days as if it were our own home in complete privacy

Accommodation types at “Villa Averof”

Accommodation prices include accommodation for 5 nights, workshop lessons, production, meals for the entire stay and transportation from the airport to the workshop and back at the end of the workshop. (invoice for a professional workshop) and the possibility of splitting 4 payments. Explanations and registration will be made after a personal telephone conversation. The price does not include a flight to Greece.

Twin Room:

The room is made of the local bricks and includes air conditioning, private bathroom facilities and twin beds/a double bed. An extra bed is available with payment
PRICE PER PERSON: 1700 euro before 1/5- 1600

Private room:

adjacent to the yoga deck. includes private bathroom facilities and a double bed
Price for one person (five nights): 2000 euro.before 1/5 1900

Triple room:

Quality boarding in a stone house. includes private bathroom facilities, kitchenette, balcony and three large single beds.
Price per person (five nights): 1550 euro.before 1/5 1450

Four person room

Includes bathroom facilities, balcony and two bunk beds.
Price per person (five nights): 1450 euro. before 1/5 1350

Four person room

Includes bathroom facilities, balcony and two bunk beds.
Price per person (five nights): 1450 euro. before 1/5 1350

Payment and registration terms

To register for the workshop, click on the registration form and fill it out. If there are comments or questions please write in the form, after receiving the form we will call you back to talk. After registering for the workshop, you will be sent an email with a payment link with the option of 4 interest-free payments. Your place will be reserved until payment according to the registration status.

Cancelation policy

Up to a month before the workshop, the registration fee is charged for NIS 350, and a credit for the workshop of NIS 150.

Between two weeks and four days before the workshop, the registration fee and an advance payment, in the amount of 1000 NIS,

Four days before the workshop payment of 50 percent of the amount for the workshop,

Possibility of finding a participant in your placeץ at any time. If the production finds a participant in your place, your money will be refunded or credited to another workshop later in the year.

In a posibilty of a family tragedy , a full refund minus a registration fee of NIS 300 until the retreat date.

The case of cancellation due to security situation in Israel full refund minus NIS 200 registration fee and production expenses.

Workshop Registration Form

Women’s Workshop – Greece

July 9nd-14th, Thu-sun 2024

Please fill out the form and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. please fill out the forms separately. Thank you.