Feminine healing

Through the five senses Workshop

Naot Smadar 2024

About the Workshop

In this complex period we must strengthen our inner strength and feminine intuition for our sake and for the sake of the people in the circles around us. We are honored for the opportunity to combine two well nown therapists Avital Savag and Tamara Zubri in one workshop, which will teach us how to heal our bodies and develop our senses. An opportunity to gather together as women to find relaxation while learning and personal development as a transformative experience that promotes awareness, self-discovery and inner peace.

The workshop will take place in the magical beauty of the desert in Naot Smadar, where we will have the opportunity to gather women together for time of healing, learning nutrition and how to support the digestive system and the nervous system. And we will get to develop our intuition through the five senses.

The nutrition and meals will be done by Avital Sebag, that will cook for us and teach us her way.

Neot Smadar

The workshop will be held at the Naut Smadar Hospitality Center, which offers the tranquility of the magical beauty of the desert in beautiful and pampering ecological rooms, with lovingly maintained green garden corners and a connection to the powerful nature that surrounds the place. The quiet space of the desert together with the beauty of the hospitality center greatly supports our ability to put aside the stresses of everyday life and give us time to heal.

The kibbutz is in a zero alert area and has a standby unit and an army nearby.

Kibbutz Naut Smadar – Located in the southern Negev above the Arava, the kibbutz was established in 1989, with the intention of creating a learning community where questions about the state of man in the world will be examined in practice through relationships, action and observation that is tested every day in the common life and joint action of members who live permanently and volunteers engaged in organic agriculture. The trip from Tel Aviv is about three hours without stopping. There will be a list of rides to the workshop to share the ride together.

The retreat teachers

The teachers

Researcher, lecturer and therapist in ancient Chinese medicine, author of the best-selling book “Five Seasons in the Kitchen – Vegan Cooking in the Spirit of Zen”, vegan chef, accompanies workshops and events. As a Koranic Zen teacher, Avital is careful to put her words into practice in everything related to the transmission of her beliefs , paying attention to conscious and timed eating for the individual in us to make the decision of what to eat and when and how much. Knowing that everything begins and ends in the digestive system and food hygiene, choosing quality food as Hippocrates said “food is the healer”. Avital is a proud mother of five sons.

Naturopath and coach for a healthy lifestyle according to the theory of nutrition timed in the biological clock cycle, founder and manager of Aquatherapy Ltd., the center for detoxification and body regeneration that has been operating for 24 years. Make life easier’ with Adi Zussman. Also, Tamara, a musician who studies the energetic work of the healing sound [solfaggio sound frequencies], graduated from advanced courses in sound frequencies led by Peter Goldman and Bio Sonic [England] hosts singing circles for women.

‘Neot smadar’ room selection

All room prices include a 2-night stay, workshops, meals & production.

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Payment and registration terms

To register for the workshop, click on the registration form and fill it out. A link to pay up to 3 interest-free payments will be sent to your email after receiving your registration.

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The workshop will take place with over 20 participants, maximum registration 30 women

Cancelation policy

In case of cancellation up to three weeks before the workshop, a refund will be given with the exception of the registration fee of 200 NIS
In case of cancellation between three weeks and one week before the workshop, a refund will be given except for a charge of NIS 450
In case of cancellation a week or two days before the workshop, a refund will be given with the exception of a charge of NIS 600
In case of cancellation with a notice of two days or less before the workshop, a full charge of the entire amount for the workshop will be made.
Alternatively, the cancelers can find another participant in their place, at any time
In the event of a personal or family emergency, related to the security situation at any time up to the date of the workshop, you will be given the option to join future workshops or a refund less registration and cancellation fees for production consideration. The production reserves the right to postpone the workshop in the event of a worsening of the security situation in Israel.

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woman retreat “Naot Smadar”

April 4-6th 2024

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