Iyengar Yoga And Meditation

‘Mantur – Beit Oren’ 2022

The Iyengar yoga method trains and strengthens both body and mind, develops the participant’s wellness skills while aiming for the peaceful consciousness that allows a clearer, broader sight. This three-day workshop offers three different levels, instructed by Gabi Doron (senior 1) and other ‘Neve Tzedek Iyengar Center, Noga’ trainers. Beit Oren offers the perfect settings for those who wish to begin the summer with peace, tranquility and group study. You’re invited to join us for three days of training, practice and quality company out in the magnificent Carmel mountains. The schedule will consist of 8–10-hour yoga workshops, nature hikes and a live meditative music performance on Friday evening.

The workshop will cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike. The groups will practice separately, in their own designated spaces. The workshop is suitable for beginners, continuers and advanced levels alike. Each group level will train in a designated space.


Mantur guesthouse is located at 400 meter altitude, in the Beit Oren kibbutz in the Carmel mountain range. The charming, fully renovated site is situated in the middle of a nature reserve, offering guests one of the most magnificent panoramic views Israel has to offer, overlooking the Carmel Forest and the Mediterranean Sea. Dedicated to year-round accommodations and workshops, Mantur welcomes the workshop participants to a luxurious weekend of exclusive access to its rooms and facilities.

The guest house is located an hour drive north of Tel Aviv. Workshop participants will enjoy access to the hotel pool during their stay.

The Teachers

Iyengar teachers

Gabi Doron – advanced level

An expert Iyengar instructor (senior 1), with over 35 years of teaching experience. Owner of “The Neve Tzedek Iyengar Center, Noga” (TLV) and an Iyengar trainers’ course coordinator / instructor.A regular patron of the Ramamani Iyengar Institute in Pune since 1995, her own Iyengar yoga teaching course is recognized by the Israeli Iyengar Yoga Association. Gabi Doron specializes in therapeutic yoga and tunes in to each student’s personal needs. She is known for her warm yet uncompromising teaching techniques.

Rauma Ganea – intermediate level

A certified Iyengar instructor (junior intermediate 1), and graduate of Gabi Doron’s trainers’ course. Ganea started practicing yoga in 2004, when she first fell in love with the freedom and inspiration Iyengar yoga’s meticulous method has to offer. It is an honor for her to share with students the simple joy in the practice and the healing energy of yoga.

Ori Cohen – beginners’ level

A certified Iyengar instructor and student. Started practicing Iyengar yoga under Gabi Doron in 2006. Assistant in therapeutic courses, as well as a regular participant in both Israeli and international workshops. Has practiced in the Pune institute alongside the rest of the Iyengar family. Ori is a certified hydro therapist, who practices surfing and free diving in his spare time.

Workshop meal plan

The workshop offers four vegetarian meals prepared by the Mantur hotel’s kitchen staff. The meals will be held in the outdoor restaurant, overlooking the magical view of the Carmel mountains. The meal plan will include both vegetarian and vegan options, and a warm beverage stand will be made available to participants throughout their stay. Please select the desired rooms according to the description, then fill out the following registration forms.

Mantur boarding options

prices include a two-night stay, yoga classes, meals, production and VAT.

Twin/Double Room:

includes air conditioning, private bathroom facilities and a double bed/twin beds. Price per person (two-night stay): 2,100 NIS

Upgraded Twin/Double Room:

includes air conditioning, private bathroom facilities and a double bed/twin beds. Price per person (two-night stay): 2,300 NIS

Triple Room:

includes air conditioning, private bathroom facilities, a double bed and a folding sofa bed. An extra bed is available on demand.
Price per person: 1,900 NIS

3-4 Person Large Loft:

a large, air-conditioned room with private bathroom facilities, a double bed, a double folding sofa bed. An extra single bed is available on demand. The rooms are designated for singles only.
Price per person: 2,000 NIS

Private Room:

includes air conditioning, a double bed and private bathroom facilities.
Price a person in privet: 3,600 NIS

Payment and registration terms

Please attach any further inquiries to the bottom of the registration forms and we’ll get back to you by email.
Upon registering, your reservation will be saved for 3 business days. A link to a payment page will be sent to you by mail.
Payment can be made in up to 3 installments without interest.Early registers of over 4 months prior to start date may pay in up to 5 equal installments starting with a 500 NIS advancement, while the rest of the installments will be deducted starting 3 months prior to the workshop. 

Cancelation policy

During covid:

A full reimbursement (up to 24 hours before the workshop start date, subtracting a 150 NIS registration fee) will be made for any reasons related or caused by official lockdown, health ministry instructions, quarantine, illness, etc.

Non covid related cancellations:

Full reimbursement in up to three weeks before start date (subtracting a 150 NIS registration fee)
450 NIS cancellation fee + 150 NIS registration fee in 3-1 weeks before start date
600 cancellation fee in 1 week – 2 days before start date
Full payment in cancellations 2 days or less before start day – participants are welcome to provide substitute guests

Workshop Registration Form

‘Mantur – Beit Oren’ Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Jun 9th-11th, Thu-Sat

Please fill out the forms and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. Thank you.