Gaga in the Desert

Moa Oasis 2022

Gaga in the Desert – Winter Edition

Enjoy three days of a unique experience combining the pleasure of movement with the peace of the desert in winter.

Celebrate the end of 2022 and ring in 2023 while dancing Gaga, exploring the desert in its most beautiful season, and nourishing yourself with fresh meals. Awaken your senses and imagination in a unique three-day experience in one of the more scenic locations Israel has to offer. Gaga allows participants the opportunity to connect both in body and soul and experience a wide range of sensations and emotions, while developing their agility and experiencing the joy of movement in a welcoming environment. The workshop is open to both experienced Gaga practitioners and newcomers alike; past experience in movement and dance is not required.


Moa Oasis was founded in an attempt to create an institute for a culture of peace; peace between man and his surroundings, man and his friends, families, peoples, cultures and his inner self. Moa is located in the Arava desert, between the Tzofar and Tzukim, right along the Israel national trail and the Incense and Spice route. Moa stretches over 60 dunams and includes an orchard, a lake and an extraordinary view of the desert’s majesty. Moa is owned by the Method & Wisdom organization, which follows Buddhist teachings and has multiple monks and students permanently residing in Moa. The site is strictly vegetarian/vegan, allowing no alcohol or motorized vehicles on the premises, boasting 30 rooms/tents and a 300 square meter ceremonial hall. The drive from Tel Aviv to Moa is 2.5-3 hours long, and includes the famous Sodom-Arava downhill roads. A list of participating instructors will be published a month before the workshop.

The workshop is suitable for English speakers.

Transportation on a private bus will be available to and from the workshop in Moa, for the price of 200 ILS round trip. If you plan to stay in Tel Aviv after the workshop, you are welcome to continue your Gaga journey by registering for classes at the Suzanne Dellal Centre. the bus will leave from tel aviv savidor center train staition at 11:00 thursday . and saturday coming back from moa same place at 18:00 .

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The Teachers

Gaga teachers

Yaniv Avraham started dancing in a folk dance academy and company, and he continued his training at the Mate Asher School of Performing Art (MASPA) alongside the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. In June 2001 he joined Batsheva Ensemble and in February 2003 was promoted to Batsheva Dance Company, where he danced until July 2010. While with Batsheva, Yaniv performed works by artistic director Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, and Mats Ek. He continues to dance, teach, and choreograph internationally.

Adi began dancing at the age of 6. she graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance high schoolAdi joined the Batsheva Ensemble in 2001, and in 2004, she became an official member of Batsheva Dance Company. While dancing with Batsheva, Adiparticipated in many of choreographer Ohad Naharin’sprojects , Adi won the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship and the prestigious Yair Shapira award. Adi is a certified Gaga instructor and teaches in Israel and around the world

Workshop meal plan

The meals are prepared by chef Amir Gelser. All workshop meals will be completely vegetarian/vegan, offering a wide selection of dishes based on fresh, seasonal ingredients cooked expertly and creatively. The food is handmade over many hours by cooks experienced in plant-based cuisine and under the watchful eye of the chef.

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MOA OASIS Room selection

All room prices include a two-night stay, meals, Gaga classes & production, not includes the price of the bus from tlv to moa and back, 200 shekel.


For 2 people with a double bed or 2 single beds, air conditioner, toilet & shower – 2700 NIS per person.


A large tent with 4 single beds and curtain dividers – 2100 NIS per person


A spacious earth brick room with 4 single beds – 2300 NIS per person


with shared showers and toilets. Mattress with sheets & blankets included.

1800 NIS per person

Payment and registration terms

Please attach any further inquiries to the bottom of the registration forms, and we will get back to you by email.
Upon registering, your reservation will be saved for 7 business days. A link to a payment page will be sent to you by mail.
Payment can be made in one paymentmade or in 2 installments. first payment of a half of the workshop price in the day of registration, and the rest in February.

Sample schedule
Workshop guidelines

Cancellation policy

During COVID:

A full reimbursement (up to 24 hours before the workshop start date, subtracting a 150 NIS registration fee) will be made for any reasons related to or caused by official lockdown, health ministry instructions, quarantine, illness, etc.

Non-COVID related cancellations:

-Up to three weeks before the start date: full reimbursement minus a 150 NIS registration fee
-1-3 weeks before the start date: refund minus a 450 NIS cancellation fee
-Between 1 week and 2 days before the start day: refund minus 600 NIS cancellation fee
-Within 2 days of the start date: no refund is possible. Participants are welcome to provide substitute guests.

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Workshop Registration Form

Moa Oasis Gaga Workshop

December 29-31, Thurs.-Sat.

Please fill out the forms and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. Thank you.