Gaga in the Desert

Moa Oasis 2024

Gaga in the Desert – spring Edition

A weekend for yourselves, where we can deepen the language of movement, expand our existing abilities, our flexibility, connect with our feelings and our body, strengthen it and find strength in it. Three days of an extraordinary experience in one of the most beautiful places in Israel. The workshop is intended for experienced Gaga users and new users do not need previous experience in movement and dance.

A list of rides will be issued for this workshop, a shuttle will be issued if necessary according to the number of interested participants at a price of NIS 240 round trip.

The workshop is suitable for English speakers.


The “Gaga in the Desert” workshops are held twice a year in the Moa Neve desert in the Arava in amazing nature: the workshops are delivered by senior Gaga teachers in the country, former dancers in the Bat Sheva dance troupe, the workshop takes place over three days, with 6 Gaga classes of one hour each in a 300 meter hall And special with a lesson in nature and a sunset party with video art on the mountains, the workshop is enriched with additional content. Participants are served fine chef-level vegetarian meals, including vegan dishes. Throughout the workshop, the production team is in the field, accompanying them with love. The first Gaga workshop was held in 2013 in Moa in the Arava and has since become a tradition. Every year 2 workshops are held in Israel, the workshop offers participants a framework to connect with their bodies and their imagination, experience sensations and emotions, improve flexibility and surrender to the pleasure of movement in an inviting and enabling environment, in a long weekend workshop.

A list of rides will be issued for this workshop, a shuttle will be issued if necessary according to the number of interested participants at a price of NIS 240 round trip.

The Teachers

Gaga teachers

During most of the nineties he lived and worked in London. In 1997 he received an MA degree in dance studies from Center Laban. Since then, his stage works and sound installations have been presented in England, Japan, Lithuania, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland and Israel. Since 2003, he often collaborates with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva band. He designed the soundtracks for “MAX”, “Seder”, “Three”, “Foro” and “Telophase” and served as the dramaturg of “Telophase” and Ohad Naharin’s solo show “Playback”, which he also musically produced. In 2004 he joined the team of teachers of Gaga, Naharin’s spoken language.

Adi began dancing at the age of 6. she graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance high schoolAdi joined the Batsheva Ensemble in 2001, and in 2004, she became an official member of Batsheva Dance Company. While dancing with Batsheva, Adiparticipated in many of choreographer Ohad Naharin’sprojects , Adi won the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship and the prestigious Yair Shapira award. Adi is a certified Gaga instructor and teaches in Israel and around the world


Moa was established with the aim of creating a dwelling place for a culture of peace. Peace between man and the environment, between man and his friend, his family, nations, cultures and inner peace. Moa is located in the prairie, between Moshav Zufar and cliffs, in the desert on the Israel Trail and the Path of the Perfumes. And it covers 60 dunams that include an orchard, a large lake and amazing nature surrounded by desert silence. Today Moa is owned by the Method and Wisdom association, through which in the Tibetan Buddhist spirit there are even monks and students who live permanently in Moa. The complex is vegetarian and vegan only, without alcohol and without cars. It has 30 rooms/tents, a special hall measuring 300 square meters. The trip from Tel Aviv to Moa takes about two and a half to three hours and goes through the descents between Sodom and the Arabah.

Workshop meal plan

The meals are prepared by chef Amir Gelser. All workshop meals will be completely vegetarian/vegan, offering a wide selection of dishes based on fresh, seasonal ingredients cooked expertly and creatively. The food is handmade over many hours by cooks experienced in plant-based cuisine and under the watchful eye of the chef.

MOA OASIS Room selection

Accommodation prices include accommodation for two nights, 6 Gaga lessons, production, meals for the entire stay and VAT.


For 2 people with a double bed or 2 single beds, air conditioner/heater, toilet & shower. It is possible to add another friend for an additional cost. 2800 NIS per person


A spacious 50-meter tent with 4 single beds and curtain dividers, air conditioner/heater, toilet & shower. 2250 NIS per person


A spacious earth brick room with 4 single beds, air conditioner/heater, toilet, & shower. 2300 NIS per person

Price for 3 friends in the room only: 2500 NIS per person


A 100-meter tent with curtain dividers, air conditioner/heater, and shared showers & toilets. Towels and mattress with sheets & blankets included. 1900 NIS per person

Register for the workshop at the bottom of the page

Payment and Registration

To register for the workshop, click on the registration form and fill in the details. If you have comments or questions, you are welcome to write at the end of the form, and we will reply via email. After registering for the workshop, you will be sent an email with a link to pay. Payment must be made within 5 days in order to confirm your spot.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy During this period, in case the workshop is postponed due to a security situation, you will be given the option to participate at the new date or a refund minus the registration fee of NIS 150.

In the event of a personal or family emergency at any time up to the date of the workshop, the possibility of cancellation minus the registration fee.

In case of cancellation up to three weeks before the workshop, a refund will be given except for the registration fee of 150 NIS

In case of cancellation between three weeks and one week before the workshop, the registration fee and an advance of NIS 450 will be charged

In case of cancellation from one week to two days before the workshop, a charge of NIS 600 will be made

In case of cancellation with a notice of two days or less before the workshop, a full charge of the entire amount for the workshop will be made.

Alternatively, cancellers can find another participant in their place, at any time.

Workshop Registration Form

Moa Oasis Gaga Workshop

April 11-13, Thurs.-Sat.

Please fill out the forms and an email with a link to a payment page will be sent to you shortly (according to your room selection). Please note that this form does not guarantee your reservation. Reservations will be finalized upon completion of the payment. Thank you.